Actors and activists including Last Chance Alliance, Norman Lear, Annie Leonard, Rainn Wilson, Cesar Aguirre, and others demand leaders address the climate crisis

Los Angeles, CA  — After four months of iconic protests to demand leaders act to address the climate crisis in Washington D.C Jane Fonda, Greenpeace USA, Last Chance Alliance, Joaquin Phoenix, and others have brought Fire Drill Fridays to California. This morning at City Hall in downtown L.A., Fonda and Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard launched the next phase of Fire Drill Friday rallies. Once again, Fonda was joined by friends, actors, activists, youth, Indigenous leaders, climate experts, and representatives from impacted and underrepresented communities. Last Chance Alliance, representing over 700 environmental, health, justice, faith, labor, community, parent, and consumer organizations, is calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to:

  1. STOP new fossil fuel projects: Lead by issuing no new permits for oil and gas extraction, fossil fuel infrastructure, or petrochemical projects in California.
  2. DROP existing production: Set a national and global precedent by becoming the first oil- producing state to announce a phase-out of existing production in line with the Paris climate goals, with a just and equitable transition that protects workers, communities, and economies.
  3. ROLL out setback limits: Begin by first phasing out oil production in places that are suffering most from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction—by creating a 2500-foot public health and safety buffer zone between fossil-fuel infrastructure and homes, schools, and other sensitive sites.

After over a thousand people gathered at City Hall for the first Fire Drill Fridays rally in Los Angeles, the crowd marched nearly a mile to Maverick Natural Resources, which operates a large number of oil and gas wells in Southern California and the Central Valley. Activists have occupied the lobby of the building to send a message to Governor Newsom and California leaders.

In response, Last Chance Alliance issued the following statement:

The more than 700 organizations that make up Last Chance Alliance are grateful to have Jane Fonda join us for the first Fire Drill Friday in California as we collectively demand that Governor Newsom begin to move our state beyond fossil fuels. We ask him to commit to: stop issuing permits for new oil and gas drilling projects, drop existing production in a managed and just transition the protects workers and their communities, and roll out 2,500 ft. science-based setbacks between drilling operations and sensitive sites like homes and schools to protect public health. Jane’s spotlight on this critical issue, and her eagerness to pass the microphone to frontline communities, is a testament to what can happen when we work together to build power and fight back against a toxic industry. Together, we know that California can set a global precedent as a first-mover in reducing fossil fuel extraction and we believe Governor Newsom can lead us there if he is truly committed to ensuring a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow.