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Last Chance Alliance is an alliance of 900+ organizations united to urge Governor Gavin Newsom to: STOP new fossil fuel permits, DROP existing oil drilling, and ROLL out health and safety buffers.


Meet the Californians living on the front lines of oil and gas drilling.

We are seeing people reporting symptoms from as far as 16 miles from the facility. The area affected is over 160 sq. miles and the number of people exposed to the toxic cloud is on a scale not seen before in human history.

Andrew Krowne

Northridge, CA


Join 40,000 Californians to take action against Big Oil.

Tell Gov. Newsom: Stop Fueling the Climate Crisis

Tell Gov. Newsom: Stop Fueling the Climate Crisis

Fires have torn through California, leaving communities and ecosystems devastated in their wake. Act now to urge Gov. Newsom to stop issuing new fossil fuel permits.

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California’s elected leaders have repeated a toxic pattern of upholding and enabling Big Oil to pollute our communities and destroy our future.

Governor Newsom’s Oil Record

Gov. Newsom greenlit the oil industry’s plans to escalate and expand drilling.


Oil & Climate Crisis

California is one of the largest oil-producers in the U.S.


Health & Air Pollution

Big Oil leaves families to breathe in toxic air that causes long term health impacts.


Good Jobs, Healthy Communities, and Economic Recovery

California needs actionable plans to transition workers to safer jobs.


Environmental & Racial Justice

Our fight for climate justice and racial justice are one in the same.